All About Eco Art

Sustainable Style

What is Eco-Art

First off, what in the world is ecological art. And when and where did it come from? Ecological art helps solve worldwide environmental issues, sometimes political and racial, depending on the artist’s statement.

Eco-Art in History

It began in the 1960s as an art movement. Nowadays, there are many different types of eco-art, like street art like moss graffiti which is trendy in markets and hipster areas of town, and digital art, landscape, and sculpture. Each eco-artist has their own esthetic and style unique to their namesake.

Bernard Pras

French artists are known for anamorphism’s work. Sticking random recycled objects into a canvas to recreate famous photos and artworks from history; otherwise, you would most likely have been seen in the trash if not for his art craft-making abilities.

Jeff Hong

New York animation artists reimagined how we think the typical Disney characters on screen would be seen in an altruistic climate and polluted environment; one example is Mulan faced in China where there is pollution. Arial is dirty on the sand, unable to be in the ocean. One of Hong’s statements about his art is, “we do not safeguard our planet; these fairytales most certainly won’t have a happy ending.”

Marina DeBris

An Australian-based artist who designs sculptures made from trash washed up on the beach hopes to create awareness of ocean and beach pollution worldwide. She likes to collaborate with non-profits and schools to educate children on corruption and waste’s impact on the environment.