It Takes A Village To Promote Renewable Energy

Mother Earth

The village of Simris, Sweden, is utilizing locally produced renewable energy to power their village located on rolling hills about a mile from the Baltic Sea. Simris makes an excellent location to harness multiple renewable energy sources to power the village.

Each home in the village of Simris has a freezer-sized battery that helps power their homes using renewable energy resources. One villager attest that she has a low electric bill by utilizing solar power, and her home runs primarily on solar power with more sun in the summer.

Villagers are also mindful of their energy consumption to eliminate wasting renewable resources. The local power grid in Simris was set up as an experiment by the German energy company, E.ON, with funding from the European Union.

E.ON equipped with the Simris power grid acts as a battery system utilizing wind turbines harnessing wind power and solar panels to harness solar energy. This village represents the future as energy systems are becoming more decentralized, and more are investing in renewable energy sources.

The region’s new clean energy directive could lead to more local renewable energy systems installed across Europe. The clean energy directive places more emphasis on the role of consumers, and decentralized systems will take a more important place in the future energy market.