L’Oréal and the Eco Movement

Sustainable Style

L’Oréal has two goals in their mission statement including reducing its carbon footprint by 50% per finished product and contributing €10 million to environmental projects who will benefit women in communities around the world. They have taken on a huge responsibility being that there could be some downfalls due to taking on some significant responsibilities they have pledged will be able to take on by 2030.

Questionably so, to start with their new products. They hope to use some of the same effects on the market but change them to have eco-friendly formals, 76% made of PET recycled plastic, 100% made with sustainably sourced raw materials, and using 50% less CO2 emissions per product by 2023.

RevitalLift fragrance-free anti-aging cream, L’Oréal ELVIVE Full Resist power mask, and the L’Oréal Men Expert Barber Club solid shampoo/bodywash. L’Oréal has more plans for tackling climate change, managing water sustainably, respecting biodiversity, preserving natural resources, and eliminates (eliminating either or can work) animal testing.

In all their efforts so far, they have already supported over 100,000 people in underprivileged communities with employment through group programs. In 2020, giving equal opportunities to over 1,300 people with disabilities and much more amazing achievements for women empowerments and charities on the way.