What is an Eco Coin in the Crypto Market?


Ever since environmentalists spoke about their concerns over bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s energy consumption in crypto mining, they fear for the worst as extreme energy uses in crypto mines are causing a massive surge in carbon emissions and climate change. These mines are used globally all over In the United States, Argentina, and it’s estimated China holds 50% of bitcoin miners.

As some miners aren’t buying into it, other miners are becoming more environmentally cautious and using Eco coin. So, what is Eco coin in a nutshell? It is used for anything that can do good for the environment, such as buying or selling renewable energy to others or cryptocurrencies exclusive to eco-friendly products. It also gives miners sustainable fossil fuel options like Hydrominer.

Why Eco coin is rising in value in the stock market right now is from their main chunk of millennials and Generation Z investors being so environmentally cautious and many companies doing the same it seems like a win-win to the environment and economy.