Eco-Friendly Products Every Couple Needs In Their Love Life

Sustainable Style

Lush Sex Bomb

If you are looking to impress your wife or husband, lush sells beautiful bath bombs that explode in the water leaving the bathwater pink with flower petals and the smell of flowers. The ingredients of jasmine (an aphrodisiac), ylang ylang oil (a fragment and muscle relaxant), and soya milk powder (softening for creamy smoother skin) will leave your skin soft with a floral fragrance.



From a wide range of sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly materials, these top sought-out eco-friendly lingerie brands are made from all eco-friendly cotton and fabrics better for your skin. Eco-friendly lingerie brands include the European lingerie brand called Gooseberry Intimates for women and an Italian family-owned lingerie company, Cosabella, that has handcrafted intricated designs with lace and florals made with finest Italian family farm grew cotton plants.



Vegan Chocolates by Compartes

A Californian-based chocolate wellness company that is also all vegan and only packaged in eco-friendly packaging sells chocolate-covered figs, nuts, pineapple, milk, and dark chocolate flavors. It is excellent for anyone lactose and intolerant or on a reduced-fat diet or keto diet because they are also dairy-free.