Eco-Friendly Products Every Couple Needs In Their Love Life

Get a little romantic as a couple with these must-needed romantic couples’ essentials you probably didn’t even know were eco-friendly and a fun treat for you and your partner. Romantic explosive bath bombs, sexy lingerie, and much more.

Chernobyl Transformed Into A Nature Reserve

Chernobyl is transforming the reputation of being the site of a nuclear disaster in 1986 into a nature reserve with more animals taking back the abandoned area.

Living Life As A Sea Nomad

A rare population of people known as the Bajau live exclusively on the sea with stilt homes built on the water and have a rich tradition of free diving for food.

New Mexico’s White Sands National Park Is Otherworldly

Located in Southern New Mexico in the Tularosa Basin is White Sands National Park, which just recently gained its status as a National Park in late 2019.

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