The Most Common Myths About Global Warming

Mother Earth

When the climate crisis was first reported by the mainstream media, there was a lot of confusion about global warming. Most people didn’t believe in it and would continue to leave their carbon footprint. After all, the thought of our planet dying is scary, and no one wants to face it. This fear gave rise to different myths about global warming that people still believe in. Therefore, this blog post will debunk myths about global warming and explain the importance of going green.

Global warming skeptics are getting more exposure than ever as they contradict scientific theories and evidence of global warming. Let’s learn about some of the most shocking myths about global warming and debunk them. 

“The Earth’s Climate Has Always Been Changing”

In our planet’s 4.5 billion years, its temperature has seen some drastic changes. However, these changes took place over a steady course of 100 years. The temperature changes we have seen over the past few years are staggering. The Earth’s temperature has been rising since 2001, and now, forests are catching fire due to global warming. 

“Plants Need Carbon Dioxide”

Plants need carbon dioxide to survive, but this doesn’t mean factories have a right to dispose waste into the atmosphere. Plants consume carbon dioxide and store them. However, there is a limit to how much carbon dioxide plants can consume, and the rapid increase of harmful gasses is overcoming the number we of trees have. So, that’s a contribution to global warming right there! 


“Global Warming Is A Hoax as It’s Still Cold”

Global warming is nothing like turning on our planet’s heating system that will cause hot temperatures automatically. In fact, the overall surface of the Earth is getting warmer, causing intense natural disasters. Storms and hurricanes move slowly and take longer to die down. Moreover, global warming has increased the intensity and occurrence of heat waves ad drought globally. As a result, New York faces more snow year-over-year, and the UK is getting more rain. 

“We Will Deal With It Later”

This is more of an excuse than a myth. Most leaders of great nations ignore global warming deliberately because big-scale corporations are funding the government; this is no longer a problem to leave on the shoulders of our future generations. By that time, it will be too late then. The effects of global warming are already visible, and there is no denying that our planet is slowly losing its life force. 

Ending Note

The Amazon forest is catching fire, Turkey is burning, and natural disasters are becoming more intense. These are all proof of global warming yet, some people still deny it. The best way to counter the effects of waste-producing factories is to reduce your carbon footprint and plant a tree!