New Mexico’s White Sands National Park Is Otherworldly

Eco Adventure

The park is centered around a bizarre geological phenomenon of white dunes in the area that creates an absolutely astonishing sight that makes you feel like you’re on another planet.

The cause of this snow-white colored sand is that gypsum is actually found within the sand. There are other gypsum sand fields like this in the world, but this National Park is the largest and most pronounced.

Unfortunately, White Sands National Park is under immense threat from an environmental perspective. The introduction of non-native species to the park such as the African Oryx poses a threat for native plants.

In addition, non-native plants such as the Salt Cedar can tend to soak up a disproportionate amount of moisture which also threatens native plant species. The impacts of climate change also pose a threat to the park due to it raising the probability of droughts. The sand dunes are a wet dune system that needs sources of moisture to sustain its environment.

I would recommend visiting White Sands National Park to learn more about these If you can brave the intense temperatures that White Sand National Park has. The park offers some incredible hikes through a territory unlike anywhere else on Earth.

Just be mindful that the park is actually located in the middle of a missile testing site! As a result, the park is often closed with military testing going on nearby. So if you’re planning on visiting make sure to check in advance.