The Untapped Beauty Of Big Bend National Park

Eco Adventure

Located in West Texas along the Mexican Border is Big Bend National Park, one of the most remote and least visited National Parks of the 63 in the United States. Big Bend, however, is incredibly unique and has adventure and beauty at every corner. While Texas is not necessarily known for its natural beauty, Big Bend shows what the state has to offer with its jaw-dropping canyons and geological formations such as its famous Santa Elena Canyon.

There is a lot to do in the park as well, with many difficult hiking trails and great water to canoe or kayak. The park is also home to a unique ecological environment as part of the Chihuahuan Desert region, which spans across parts of New Mexico, Texas, and Northern Mexico.

Researchers are worried that much of the plant and animal life in the park could be under threat, including vegetation disappearing from parts of the desert. This in turn could also create a situation in which non-native species could threaten native animal species due to the changes in vegetation.

Big Bend has historically been one of the least visited National Parks in the country primarily due to its remote location. In fact, the nearest airport is 3.5 hours away in Midland, Texas. A combination of factors brought about by the pandemic have begun to make this an extremely popular National Park destination, however, with more people than ever making the trek to Big Bend over the last year.

If you want to see a slice of America that has not been often explored or understood, I would fully recommend checking out Big Bend National Park for yourself to gain an understanding of this truly unique wilderness.