Use Upcycling For Organization


Keeping your space organized might seem like a project you have to pay for, but utilizing upcycling can help you organize your home without waste. Instead of throwing away or recycling, try upcycling.

You might think to toss containers or vessels once you’re done using them; instead, you can utilize these for organizing. You can reuse resealable containers as Tupperware so you won’t have to buy extra and help store your food.

This is a great upcycle hack for food products with resealable containers such as deli meat or margarine safe for food storage in the fridge. You can also use these containers for organizing through your home, including craft supplies, beauty products, school supplies, and more.

You can also upcycle cardboard or wooden boxes that you can customize to match your style. This can be a fun craft project to customize organization boxes using paint, ribbon, rope, washi tape, and/or fabric that you can assemble with some creativity and a hot glue gun.

Upcycled boxes can be used in literally every room to keep your things organized in the closet, under the sink, or in your storage space. For an elevated upcycled box, you can also add a handle using craft supplies or door pull handles from your local craft store.

Please don’t throw away your glass jars because they can be reused for organizing your home. Empty jars with airtight lids are great for storing food at any temperature and durable enough to last you a long time.

Jars with lids can be used for food storage with dry foods on the shelf or leftovers in the fridge. You can also use glass jars to organize your craft supplies or beauty products. Glass jars without lids (such as empty candle vessels) can also be used to manage hand-held items such as tools, writing supplies, makeup brushes, and more.